Emergencies and Crisis Intervention

Crime Victim Center

125 West 18th Street
Erie, PA 16501-1203
Phone: (814) 455-9414
Web: www.cvcerie.org

*Free of charge support services to crime victims, significant others, and witnesses.

Crisis Services of Safe Harbor Behavioral Health

2560 West 12th Street
Erie, PA 16505-4508
Phone: (814) 456-2014
Web: www.safeharborbh.org

*Free of charge services to anyone in Erie County who is experiencing a disturbance in mood, thought, emotion, behavior, or social functioning.

Emergycare, Inc.

1701 Sassafras Street
Erie, PA 16502-1857
Phone: (814) 870-1010
Web: www.emergycare.com

*Anyone requiring comprehensive trauma care, mobile health service, or air-medical transport in an out-of-hospital setting in the tri-state region.

Erie County Assistance Office

1316 Holland Street
Erie, PA 16512-0958
P.O. Box 958
Phone: (814) 461-2000
Web: www.dpw.state.pa.us

*Cash and medical assistance, food stamp benefits, energy assistance program (for heating costs), employment and training services, and waiver and nursing home care.

Erie County Department of Public Safety/911

2880 Flower Road
Erie, PA 16509-8002
Phone: (814) 451-7920
Web: www.ecdops.org

*A division of public safety/911 which responds to major disasters/emergencies and hazardous material spills.

Fire Departments – All emergencies call 911

Inter-Church Ministries of Erie County

250 West 7th Street
Erie, PA 16501-1602
Phone: (814) 454-2411
Web: www.icmeriecounty.com

*Voucher systems for emergency assistance.

Millcreek Community Hospital

5515 Peach Street
Erie, PA 16509-2603
Phone: (814) 864-4031
Web: www.millcreekcommunityhospital.com

Pennsylvania State Police

Erie Station
4320 Iroquois Avenue
Erie, PA 16511-2135
Phone: (814) 898-1641

Pennsylvania State Police

Girard Station
5950 Meadville Road
Girard, PA 16417-9433
Phone: (814) 774-9611

Pennsylvania State Police

Corry Station
11088 Route 6 East
Union City, PA 16438-8202
Phone: (814) 663-2043

Albion Police Department

26 Smock Avenue
Albion, PA 16401-1114
Phone: (814) 756-3660

Corry Police Department

20 East South Street
Corry, PA 16407-1913
Phone: (814) 664-2222

Edinboro Police Department

124 Meadville Street
Edinboro, PA 16412-2502
Phone: (814) 734-1712

Erie Police Department

626 State Street
Erie, PA 16501-1128
Phone: (814) 870-1125

Girard Police Department

34 Main Street West
Girard, PA 16417-1612
Phone: (814) 774-2651

Lake City Police Department

2352 Main Street
Lake City, PA 16423-1509
Phone: (814) 774-8341
Web: www.lakecityfire.org

Lawrence Park Police Department

4230 Iroquois Avenue
Erie, PA 16511-2133
Phone: (814) 898-1634
Web: www.lawrenceparktwp.org

Millcreek Township Police Department

3608 West 26th Street
Erie, PA 16506-2059
Phone: (814) 838-0645

North East Police Department

58 East Main Street
North East, PA 16428-1341
Phone: (814) 725-4407
Web: www.northeastborough.com

Union City Police Department

13 South Main Street
Union City, PA 16438-1325
Phone: (814) 438-3441

Wesleyville Police Department

3421 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510-1813
Phone: (814) 899-0681

The Refuge

Erie United Methodist Alliance
1027 East 26th Street
Erie, PA 16504-2909
Phone: (814) 454-6088
Web: www.euma-erie.org

*Emergency and basic needs for food and shelter for families with children.

Safe Journey

P.O. Box 208
Union City, PA 16438-0208
Phone: (814) 438-2675
Web: www.mysafejourney.org

*Free domestic violence services and shelter for abused women and their children.


1701 French Street
Erie, PA 16501-2204
Phone: (814) 455-1774
Web: www.safeneterie.org

*Free shelter and domestic violence services for victims of abuse.

Saint Vincent Behavioral Health Services

232 West 25th Street
Erie, PA 16544-0002
Phone: (814) 452-5555
Web: www.saintvincenthealth.com

*Inpatient and outpatient services for adults, adolescents, and children in need of psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

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