February 2021: Loving Yourself in the Month of Love

February 2021: Loving Yourself in the Month of Love

Join NAMI on Wednesday, February 17th at 3:00 p.m. as we’ll be on Mission Empower’s podcast to discuss Self-Care and Self-Love. For more information or to register, please contact Mission Empower at (814) 825-0788.

Learning to love ourselves or nurturing the love we have for ourselves is a critical component that must happen for our own happiness.  Additionally, it is a critical component of healthy relationships with others.  Below we have identified ways to begin your journey to finding self-love or nurturing your self-love.

Practice Forgiveness – At the heart of pain is anger, and the result of anger is a disconnect from self and others.  By holding on to anger, whether it is anger at ourselves or anger at others, we must learn to forgive.

Practice Healthy Boundaries – Being safe and comfortable – it’s something we can so easily take for granted, and it’s what we notice immediately when we don’t have it.

Finding Your “You” – What makes us “us” is defined by so many different factors.  During our adolescence we explore the world around us to help discover those things that we most relate to, find enjoyment in, and connect with.

Practicing Self Care – Just like our bodies need food, exercise, vitamins, medical care, and possibly even medications, it is also crucial that our minds and spirits receive the same care and attention.               WRITTEN BY ANONYMOUS (NOT VERIFIED) ON FEBRUARY 10, 2020

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