Country Fair Cares Campaign

Country Fair Cares Campaign

Country Fair stores annually give to a variety of local charities, along with running the Country Fair Cares program. This program picks five local nonprofits every year to be featured at the Charity Pump!

This year, NAMI of Erie County has been chosen as one of the five charities. The other charities involved are: the Erie Animal Network, Erie Philarmonic, the Mercy Center for Women, and
St. Martin Center. This program kicks off May 1st and will continue until October 31st.

During this time, you can help out all five charities by purchasing gasoline at one of the charity pumps. This will take two cents from every gallon and disperse the funds equally to each charity. This process costs you nothing extra, and only benefits the nonprofits involved!

Funds from this program will benefit the NAMI Basics program. This course educates parents and caregivers of children experiencing mental health issues, and gives them tools on how to best help their child. For more information, or to register for our next session, call the NAMI office at (814) 456-1773.

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