The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Erie County is seeking volunteers to help with events, fundraising and organizing the agency’s mental health library.  The agency is also looking for groups to hold events like a garage sale, car wash or other fundraising event to help support the programs and services that help individuals, children and families throughout Erie County.  If you or a social group is interested in volunteering your time or talent, please email info@namierie.org or call the office at 814-456-1773.

There are many benefits to volunteering.  Most importantly, it provides hope for those going through a tough time by showing your caring and support.  When you volunteer in the agency’s lending library, you help provide books that are organized and ready to be used as a resource for a family member that has questions and concerns about their loved one’s mental illness.  Through fundraising efforts, you ensure that programs like the Family-to-Family educational class are offered throughout the year to families in need of support with mental health concerns.  Volunteering is also important because you are more likely to feel positive about yourself and others by paying it forward with your generosity and giving.

Please consider helping to assist the programs and services at NAMI of Erie County today!