Mental Health

Achievement Center

4950 West 23rd Street
Erie, PA 16506-5802
Phone: 814-459-2755

*Services for children ages birth through 21 years of age with physical disability, developmental delays, or mental health/behavioral issues.

Barber National Institute

Acute Program for Children with Mental Health Needs
100 Barber Place
Erie, PA 16507-1863
Phone: 814-460-6218

*This intensive three week therapeutic program is designed for children and teens ages 4-18 with a qualifying mental health diagnosis, including those with a co-occurring Autism Spectrum diagnosis or intellectual disability.

Barber National Institute

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services for Children
100 Barber Place
Erie, PA 16507-1863
Phone: 814-480-6800

*Behavioral specialist consultants, mobile therapists, and therapeutic support staff are available through this service.

Barber National Institute

Blended Case Management
100 Barber Place
Erie, PA 16507-1863
Phone: 814-459-3693

*Supports families of children, teens, and young adults (up to age 21), assists families with needs spanning all areas of the child or adolescent’s life, including medical, mental health, educational, social, and vocational issues.

Barber National Institute

Brief Structural Family Therapy
100 Barber Place
Erie, PA 16507-1863
Phone: 814-459-1170

*Established to address a family’s communication and structure challenges in the home.

Barber National Institute

Intensive, In-Home Therapy for Youth with Autism & Qualifying Behavioral Health Diagnosis
100 Barber Place
Erie, PA 16507-1863
Phone: 814-878-5969

*In-home therapy for children and adolescents with qualifying behavioral health diagnosis including autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression.

Barber National Institute

Social Skills Development for Children with Behavioral Health Needs
100 Barber Place
Erie, PA 16507-1863
Phone: 814-878-5930

*Help children and adolescents with social cognitive challenges and mental health needs build social communication.

Barber National Institute

Trauma & Grief Counseling
100 Barber Place
Erie, PA 16507-1863
Phone: 814-878-5930

*Treat emotional and behavioral problems in children with a qualifying mental health or high functioning ASD diagnosis who have experienced traumatic events, grief, and loss.

Catholic Charities

329 West 10th Street
Erie, PA 16502-1440
Phone: 814-456-2091

*Support services for individuals with mental health disabilities.

Corry Counseling Services

45 East Washington Street
Corry, PA 16407-1638
Phone: 814-664-7761

*Counseling, medical treatment, psychological testing, etc.

Deerfield Dual Diagnosis

1813 Holland Street
Erie, PA 16503-2100
Phone: 814-878-2100

*Adult non-hospital based short-term residential program for males and females over 18 who have a history of chemical dependency and mental health problems.

Erie County Care Management

1601 Sassafras Street
Erie, PA 16502-1858
Call: 814-528-0600

*Serving the behavioral health and developmental disabilities systems in Erie County to provide for Mental Health Administrative Case Management, Developmental Disabilities and Early Intervention Service Coordination for individuals with mental illness.

Lakeshore Community Services

1350 West 26th Street
Erie, PA 16508-1402
Phone: 814-456-9962

*Intensive case management for individuals with mental illness.

Mental Health Associations of Northwestern Pennsylvania (MHA)

1101 Peach Street
Erie, PA 16501-1839
Phone: 814-452-4462

*Peer support groups, recreational activities, volunteer and pre-employment opportunities, etc.

North Shore Psychological Associates

120 East 2nd Street #3
Erie, PA 16507-1537
Phone: 814-452-8213

Safe Harbor Behavioral Health

1330 West 26th Street
Erie, PA 16507-1402
Phone: 814-459-9300

*Therapy, psychiatric and nursing services, TSS, mobile therapy, and behavioral specialist services.

Saint Vincent Inpatient Mental Health Unit

232 West 25th Street
Erie, PA 16544-0002
Phone: 814-452-5000

Sarah Reed Children’s Center

1020 East 10th Street
Erie, PA 16503-1517
Phone: 814-455-6562

*Full continuum of mental and behavioral services for children.

Stairways Behavioral Health

2185 West 8th Street
Erie, PA 16505-4747
Phone: 814-453-5806

*Behavioral health treatments, rehabilitation and supports, including targeted case managements.

Therapeutic Riding Equestrian Center (TREC)

8342 Platz Road
Erie, PA 16415-2821
Phone: 814-474-5276

Warren State Hospital

33 Main Drive
North Warren, PA 16365-5001
Phone: 814-723-5500

*Inpatient mental health care providing individualized goal directed treatment.