United Way Partnership

In 2013, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Erie County was proud to establish a partnership with the United Way of Erie County. NAMI is very grateful for the funding and support that the United Way is providing to our organization. United Way’s support will allow us to host our Peer-to-Peer Development Program more frequently and allow the program to be more effective in helping individuals with a mental health issue by educating them about mental illness, teaching them coping strategies, and helping them develop a lifelong recovery plan.

NAMI of Erie County is also excited to assist the United Way in reaching their goal of helping 10,000 more families in the Erie community become self-sufficient by 2025. Our Peer-to-Peer Development Program provides participants with resume building experience, interpersonal communication workshops, practice job interviews, and other soft job skills that will increase their employability and value to the local workforce. In turn, this provides participants with better opportunities to help their families become self-sufficient. Together, NAMI of Erie County and the United Way are working hard to make Erie a better place for everyone in the community.